A new “Zwart Loon”!

We brewed a new version of Zwart Loon yesterday. The previous one was quite intense, the rum soaked in toasted mesquite chips made for rather intense flavors. Nevertheless, especially after a few weeks of ripening in the bottle, Zwart Loon was very tasty and sold out quickly.
The version that we have now brewed is a “Robust Porter”. We have added coffee instead of rum. In addition, with the added spices we expect delicious flavors: chocolate and coffee but also spicy tones. Alcohol percentage will be around 7%.
The beer is still fermenting and the fermentation vessel is in the temperature cabinet (photo) that allows the fermentation to proceed at the correct temperature. For sale in a few weeks via www.brouwerijloon.nl. Send us an email at info@brouwerijloon.nl if you want to reserve some bottles in advance, to make sure that you will not be missing out…