Nice as a gift: a selection of 3 bottles of beer from our selection in a paper bag with a ticket from Brouwerij Loon, for €7.50.

The beers can be purchased per bottle for €2.50.

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Our beers

Loon naar werken

A dark brown double with a full body, slightly sweet thanks to the use of sugar candy. 5.7% alc.


A deliciously clear blond beer based on the famous La Chouffe beer. Brewed with the addition of candy sugar and with coriander. Our favorite! 6.2% alc.

Lonely at the Top

A Belgian Pale Ale with a full body, complex flavors and fruity notes through dry hopping. 5.7% alc.

Lone Ranger

Slightly hazy, very fruity, juicy and soft. A modern hoppy beer. Style: Belgian IPA (BIPA). 5.7% alc.

Lonely Blonde

This blonde beer is brewed from malt, hops and yeast without further additions, in the style of the classic Belgian blonde beers. That gives it a very pure taste. 6.2% alc.


Spéciale belge is a type of high-fermentation Belgian amber beer. The strength varies between 5 and 6% alcohol. The beer type is comparable to the British ale. 5.8% alc.

Lonesome Cowboy

This New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA) is not for everyone … When brewing this beer, the hops were only added after cooking and at different times during fermentation. This ensures that the beer is not bitter but very fruity and hoppy. The beer is slightly hazy, this is how it should be. Very special! 4.7% alc. We also offer a “session” version with 2.4% alc.

Zwart Loon

Full-bodied, dark beer with spicy flavours. Coffee-infused. 6.2% alc.


Fruity Weizen beer brewed in German style (with at least 50% wheat). The use of Hersbrucker hops provides fruity flavors and aromas of banana. A delicious summer beer! 4.1% alc.

Kaap Loon

A New England IPA with three special, South African hop varieties. 3.8% alc.

Verdiende Loon

For those who like a slightly sweeter beer. A sweet and slightly bitter, dark abbey beer with a full body and a clearly noticeable caramel taste. 5.8% alc.

Loner Blond

Brewed with locally picked hops that grow along the Loner Diep brooklet.

Special editions

Moonshark beer