Storing beer

If possible, store our beer in a dark place and at a constant temperature between 10°C and 15°C. A cellar or a dark cupboard are ideal. Beer is a natural product and cannot be kept indefinitely. Sunlight changes beer taste or becomes cloudy.

Our beers, with yeast in the bottle, can be stored for 12 months or even many years longer under the right storage conditions. It is best to keep the bottles upright. In any case, put the beer upright a few days before drinking, so that the yeast can sink to the bottom.

Pouring beer

Our beers are generally best served at a temperature between 10°C and 18°C. That is warmer than usual with lager and the like.

Always take a clean beer glass. The best is a glass where the entire contents of the bottle can be poured in one go. This prevents yeast from being added when pouring from the bottle a second time. Pour the bottle very gently and leave a little liquid in the bottle, so that the deposit remains on the bottom.

While pouring, tilt the glass a little and let the beer slide along the wall. When the glass is almost full, keep it upright. This way you get a nice head. Don’t make the head too thick, because with specialty beers you want to be able to smell the aromas well. So you taste more if you don’t make the head too thick.


Enjoy, but drink in moderation.